Dave Knowles

Snapped strings, cracked fingers and a battered guitar– Dave Knowles appears incapable of holding back in a performance. His strong vocal style and intricate guitar work draw the crowd into an intimate musical experience. This is no slick contrivance. Be it a crowded hall or close-packed club, there is an immediacy behind Dave’s furrowed brow and awkward smiles – for the audience as for the performer, each show is a novelty.

As a guitarist, Knowles draws from blues, folk, rock, percussive and fingerstyle forms, interweaving them into a fresh style that is difficult to pin down. As the new wave acoustic scene continues to grow and thrive, so do the influences which inform Dave’s style. Each song gains its dynamic through the interplay of beats over delicate picking and powerful rhythmic build-ups.

Knowles’ voice adds an entirely new element to his music. In a style which often tends towards instrumentalism, he moves from high falsettos to bluesy growls with melodies that transcend and bind their underlying guitarwork. With his effects pedal, Dave builds harmonic layers and vocal loops creating a rich ambience for his songs without compromising the ‘natural’ sound of an acoustic performance.

19hoo Friday 4th October at Fisherman’s Cottage FREE

15hoo Saturday 5th October at Fisherman’s Cottage FREE

Author: Hermanus Festivals

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